Here's what every Subaru owner should know.

When it comes to safety, few things are more important than your Subaru braking system.  To understand why routine, provessional brake system maintenance is so crucial - and when your vehicle might need it - check out the following FAQ's about Genuine Subaru Brrake Parts and Service.s

Why choose Genuine Subaru brake parts?
_ Brakes are too imporatant to safety to risk using generic "aftermarket" replacement parts.  The high quality and precision of Genuine Subaru Brake Parts helps ensure that your vehicle keeps operating as safetly and reliably as it did when it was new.
- Since Genuine Subaru Brake Parts are engineered to meet your vehicle's exact factory specifications, they are identical to the brakes that were instlaled on your car when it was brand new.  Aftermarket brake parts are often manufactured with generic specifications.
- Genuine Subaru Brake Parts are manufactured from high quality materials, using precision manufcaturing methods.  Aftermarket brake part quality can be inferior- and the lower price reflects it

Why choose your Subaru dealer for brake srevice?
- The work will be performed by skilled, factory-trained technicians who work on Subaru vehicles everyday.  We are Subaru experts, so there's no learning curve.
- We have dedicated equipment for servicing your brakes, which ensures that the job is deone right the first time.
- Installation includes a 120month, unlimited mileage warranty that covers parts and labor.  Most other repair shops or aftermarketing parts don't provide this protection.

What are the warning signs that my brakes need service?
- Yuour vehicle pulls to one side during braking.
- Brake pedal pusltates when you apply the brakes.
- Brake pedal feels "m7shy".
- Stepping on the brake pedal or normal driving causes a noise.
- The master cylinder is repeatedly low on brake fluild.
If you're noticing any of these warning signs, it's time to have your Subaru dealer's servive professionals inspect and diagnose your braking ysstem.

How long should your brakes last?
That depends on several factors that contibute to braking system wear and tear.
These include:
-Driving habits and operating conditions
- Type of vehicle and type of brake lining materials
- multiple system conponents - pads, rotors or drum - can wear at different rates.
The only way to know for sure is tohave your brakes inspected by a professional technician - ideally at your local Subaru dealerhsip.

What are the dangers of delaying brake service?
- Severe brake wear will eventually result in metal-to-metal contact.  Once this happens, rotor or drum replacement isuaully unavoidable.
- Brake failure can possibly cause oss of vehicle control.
- work or ineffective brakes could cause you to fail your ststate's motor vehicle inspection.

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